Welcome to my calling card, my online CV. I work across the arts but I’m a specialist in the field of community theatre and participatory arts projects.

I am Project Manager for Lincolnshire One Venues, where I’m able to use my experience to help to deliver work across Lincolnshire that properly engages communities and helps them to be a driving force in shaping their cultural landscape.

In addition I take on a limited amount of freelance work. I offer a variety of possibilities:

  • I’m a seasoned director of community theatre
  • I can offer advice around funding and support the writing of funding bids
  • I am well versed in project and event management

Latest News

  • Covid has had a massive impact on the type of work that I do and the sector has seen significant losses and difficulties. Much of the work that I had planned to do at the end of 2019 has been paused. I’m available to support organisations that are looking to move forward.
  • In 2019 Pat and Jane Ashworth and I created Headland Theatre. After many years of working together we wanted our work to have a real identity and as we were working on a performance set atop Whitby, Headland fitted the bill. Our plans to tour our site specific work – Fish and Ships – have been paused due to Covid but we’re currently planning our fourth performance, which will be developed with social distancing in mind. You can find out more here: www.headlandtheatre.co.uk