Welcome to my calling card, my online CV. I work across the arts but in particular focusing on theatre / multimedia projects and event management. I’ve tried to give a flavour here of what I do; what I would like to do in the future is up for grabs. Do you have an idea? Please get in touch.

Latest News

  • I recently directed a community performance in Bramcote to commemorate the end of WWI, and in particular the soldiers mentioned on the village’s war memorial.
  • I’m currently helping Pat Ashworth with the planning stages of a performance that will tour to churches across the region and possibly further afield this summer. We’re looking for a community cast for the performance, so if you are interested please get in touch to find out more.
  • I’m working on a TOP SECRET musical theatre project with Shane Cullinan.
  • I work each year delivering theatre workshops to adults that are former pupils of Oak Field School and I’m very pleased to have been asked to be a part of this year’s creative season.
  • I had a festival and event based summer last year, including work at Bloodstock Festival, British Classics Motor Racing, Glowworm Festival and the British F1 Grand Prix.