My experience of producing site specific theatre has involved pyrotechnics, audiences following paths through woods and meadows and complicated multi-site activity and that means that I’ve got good, hands on experience of dealing with all sorts of practical issues to do with large scale events, from planning right through to evaluation and feedback. I regularly work with local authorities and so I know how to make your event make sense to them – or if you are a local authority looking for assistance, I am very aware of the constraints under which you work.

I’ve also got lots of experience organising smaller, more corporate events, from straightforward meetings that need a bit more style, to conferences and product launches. I can work with you on anything from furniture choices to leaflet design, from technical provision to venue scoping.

The long and short of it is that I have the experience and the knowledge to deliver an everyday meeting or conference, or I can help you make the quirkiest activity you can imagine happen – legally, funkily and with a solid risk assessment in place.